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I am going to try blogging again!

I've been thinking about blogging off and on for months. While my readership is close to non-existent, writing is a skill which I enjoy improving upon. At times, it organizes and clarifies my thoughts. Writing commits ideas into a form which can be reflected upon.

Wrote a Blogging Engine

But before I was going to write any new blog post, I decided to write my own blogging engine.

Yes, I committed the cardinal sin in blogging.

Most of my site was in disarray due to relying on an old version of Hugo. The Go template language based files were hard for me to decipher. Redirect URLs for my past versions of the site were haphazardly embedded in different metadata. Some files were still based on Jekyll's conventions while others were based on Hugo's.

It was messy, but even more importantly, I wanted to customize things my way and allow myself the ability to build new site features. So, working on the engine off and on, I delayed writing another new post until I was "done" with the code.

And now, finally, I'm done with the first version.


With the coding bits hacked together, I hope to regularly post content. I'm thinking it will be a wide range of topics in different forms. Some posts will be quick comments while I hope to have some more in-depth exploratory features.