Top 5 Apps

Most of the apps I prefer have a few common characteristics. They keep up with the latest OS features, are designed with "best practices" in mind, and are native to the platform (e.g. they don't have to be built by the OS provided frameworks but they must look and behave like a native OS app).

If I were to list my current top 5 iOS apps, they would have to be the following:


1Password is my go-to password app. I have a subscription, and it is truly a best of class app. It keeps up with the latest iOS features like iOS 12 Password Autofill. If you don't have a password manager, it is the one universal recommendation I can make. 1Password also is available for macOS, Windows, and Android.


OmniFocus is perhaps the app I use the most. With OmniFocus 3, the switch from Getting Things Done contexts to more useful tags, it is everything I want in a to-do app. It handles complex repeats, has a special Today tag for items that aren't due but you want to work on, etc. It is a bit pricey, but the major version upgrades are only every few years. While there are obviously many competitors, OmniFocus keeps up with iOS and macOS features. OmniFocus offers many complex features such as perspectives which helps manage my to-do list while still being usable.


Overcast is my podcast player of choice. The Smart Speed feature which basically skips silence, and the Voice Boost feature which helps make sure the sound is loud and clear.


Soulver is a notepad calculator. While I actually use the macOS version much more than the iOS version, I still find the iOS version useful every now and then. Basically, it is the way a calculator app should be. Once you try it, you won't ever want to use a "normal" calculator ever again.


MindNode is a mind mapping app. If you've never used a mindmapping app, it is a great way to quickly jot down, visualize, and expand on ideas.